Improve Students’ Performance With Our Online Tutoring Services 

AFORCE Group has introduced online tutoring services for students from Kindergarten to grade-12. We pledge to deliver authentic classes conducted by certified teachers.

Guaranteeing great results with a positive outcome in the child’s performance, our tailored programs are meant to provide individual attention to each student. Our online tutoring programs comprise school subject-related courses, public speaking courses, language courses, and more.


Intro to Public Speaking Class: 

Students will learn how to apply the principles and practices of effective public speaking to their everyday lives. They will explore the common fears of public speaking and how to overcome them, and learn why effective public speaking is a vital skill that will help them achieve success in all areas of life. The class will be delivered using an interactive, discussion format.

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Public Speaking Leadership Class 

This will train you to achieve confident English-speaking skills for business and communication, which is a family of 1.5 billion English speakers.
You will receive training, encouragement, and suggestions relating to specific areas needing improvement. This will help you become an assertive leader with fluent communication to help you connect and network with top students globally!

Application Terms and Conditions (Please refer to the online program application form) 

  • The payment will be due in advance monthly.
  • The students will be responsible for accessing all assigned classes online.
  • The students will not be refunded if they do not attend a class, unless the teacher has for some reason cancelled in which case the administration will also be notified.
  • Students will finish uncompleted classroom work as homework.
  • The students will maintain a proper conduct during all classes. If students fail to conduct themselves inappropriately, they will be given a warning and their parents/guardians will be notified.
  • If you have a change of schedule please notify through email or by phone number.